Friday, March 6, 2009

Reasons I Can't Blog Right Now

1. Three day migraine headache with aftershocks.

2. Reading glasses that bug me.

3. Nice big screen on my fast new iMac that necessitates wearing the reading glasses that bug me.

4. Trying to wrap my head around the reason that bigger screen = smaller type.

5. People talking to me. All. The. Time.

6. Cell phone spam.

7. The stock market and the economy in general.

8. Mortgage loan application process.

9. Cat who has to go OUT and come back IN. All. The. Time.

10. Aging parents trying to live in the Internet Age.

11. American Idol stealing my evenings with weird people singing badly.

12. People who need food to eat and clean clothes to wear.

13. Books that call me to read them and then don't hold my attention enough to keep me from noticing that nothing in the living room is arranged on neat right angles.

14. Wasting all my good material on Twitter.

15. Someone who calls to ask me to send him the Costco list that I sent already via email because he forgot to print it out.

16. Trying to text with 46 year old fingers.


SuburbanCorrespondent said...

3 days? Ouch!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Well, I guess these are good reasons!

Anonymous said...

For a while we had four cats (due to an inability to turn starving cats away from our door.)

They would pace around on the window sills glaring at me from every window until I opened the door.

Every time I opened the door it seemed like I let one cat out and two cats in. Too many cats!

When we bought this house, Neal built a little cat porch outside the kitchen bay window and made a cat-door insert for one of the windows. Now the cats can open their own &#^$&@ door.

But they still glare at me from the windows and try to use their cat mind powers to get me to open the big door.

So sorry about the migraine- those are awful.

Jim said...

As far as the fast new Mac with the huge screen is concerned, the smaller type is merely due to running that piece of hardware at a higher resolution than you're used to.

You don't have to accept small screen fonts - just crank 'em up larger. Heck, you can even do that in Windoze! (Don't change the resolution, just the font size.)

You can have stuff display big and clear, and still have more screen real estate than you had before.

Abby said...

You got a mac? Awesome my friend just got one and loves it!

Patty said...

This whole list cracks me up. Thanks for visiting my blog last week or last month -- yes, I am very slow with checking my comments -- after I first posted my blue bunny with (your words) bucked teeth. It was supposed to be a mouth and I refused to stitch it a third time.