Thursday, April 9, 2009

Various Thoughts and An Experiment

First of all, the experiment: I am blogging whilst listening to music. Really radical, eh? I'm building myself a new Pandora radio station because the only one I've taken the time to build so far was titled "Oh Holy Night" which might give you some idea of how long it's been since I messed with it. :)

There's one problem I'm noticing already...I seeded my radio DNA with Coldplay to begin with, because I like several of their songs. The little wizard that picks songs has given me something from U2 and then from Snow Patrol, and I like the sound of both. But they have lyrics, and I'm trying to listen to what they're saying and type at the same time. Next time maybe I'll try instrumental. On to other thoughts...okay, wait, I have to go pause this music. So much for the experiment; I guess I don't have the spare RAM I used to have as a teenager.

Homeschooling: Lately I've been feeling convicted about my level of enthusiasm for teaching Colin. He benefits in some ways by being the second child and born to an older mother. I'm calmer, I'm more focused on the important things and less worried about peripherals. But I'm also less energetic and less patient. Calmer, but less patient...yes, that's possible. Somedays I feel very enthused and motivated, and some days I find it very difficult to deal with one more day of school. I know I can't face any of these days in my own power; thank God I don't have to.

Eschatological Panic: Something that's bugging me lately is the attitude I'm reading and hearing from some Christians. They see the financial crisis, the sweeping bailouts and takeovers of companies by the US government, our president's policies, etc. and they start doing eschatological math in their heads. Financial collapse + "socialism" + godless government + America = End Times. Christians are supposed to not feel at home in the world, we know we are truly citizens of another world, and we should be looking forward to Christ's return. But take the last addend out of that equation and realize that this same combination of bad stuff (and much worse) has happened to Christians in many other countries over the centuries. Why is it suddenly the End Times because spoiled American Christians have to "suffer" a little bit? And I put "suffer" in quotes because, on the whole, we are not suffering by any stretch of the imagination. Isn't it just a bit rude to our brothers and sisters in Christ in other times and places to have such an insular attitude?

American Idol: Segue time!! Anoop dodged another bullet this week, but will he really win? I'm not sure that I want him to. He has an enjoyable personality, and he's a cute kid, and he sings fairly well, and he's from North Carolina, so in theory he should be my favorite. But I don't like the style of music he favors and he's not doing anything spectacular with it. Then again, maybe this will be one of those years on Idol where someone Just Average wins (Jordan, Taylor, Ruben...oh wait, maybe that's most of the years.) Adam seems to be the judges' favorite, and I have to admit if I had to attend a concert by any of this year's singers, I would probably pick Adam. I wouldn't take any impressionable children to it, and I'm sure there would be parts that would make me gag. But at least I wouldn't fall asleep and fall to my death from the stands.

American Idol, paragraph dos: See, I thought I was going to limit each thought to one paragraph. Oops. Danny is annoying and smug and sings every song the same way. Lil can't pick songs and can't sing the ones she picks and can't pick clothes that fit her properly. Matt is boring and sings another kind of music I don't like. Allison is loud in voice, clothing, and hair. I'm forgetting somebody, probably a couple of somebodies. Um...Kris. Kris is okay, he's kind of like Jason from last year except he remembers his words. I think he might be able to sneak through and win the whole thing if he works at it a little bit. Unfortunately Adam is cornering the market on Memorable Performances this year...but he could Constantine out at some point.

Kitchen: I think we're redoing the kitchen sometime this summer. I'm trying to find the right balance in how I talk about this. I was contented with the kitchen the way it was before the cabinet got ruined; I wasn't asking to have anything replaced or changed. We had talked in the past about replacing the countertop because it's worn down and dinged up, but it still works and I probably notice the problems more than anyone else would. point is, I have been and still am content with my kitchen. If something happened and we were unable to spend anything at all on fixing this cabinet problem, I could figure out how to use things around the house creatively and feel at peace about it being the way it is.

On the other hand, (oh drat, another second paragraph) I sure will enjoy having some things changed in the kitchen! I don't want to sound like some paragon of wifely submission who is really wiser than her husband: "I didn't feel we should spend the money in these perilous times, but Tom wants to redo the kitchen and it wouldn't be right for me to oppose him!" Bwahahaha... that would be a lie, wouldn't it? Of course I'm feeling a bit gloom-and-doomy about the economy, it's in my genetic makeup to be that way. (Barring my dad, I'm probably the most optimistic person in my family...or as the rest of them would say, Dad and I are unrealistic and loony.) But I can kick the gloom genes to the curb and be thankful for new stuff. It's just stuff, it doesn't really matter in the end, but if we can afford it and if we do it sensibly...well, I'll enjoy it.

Now I need to get back to making yogurt. Oh, I didn't mention that part of the Experiment, did I? Attempting to make yogurt whilst listening to music and blogging. As the kids say...Epic Fail. But maybe I can scale back my expectations and try making yogurt whilst listening to music. Let's find out.

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Jim said...

Regarding “eschatological panic:”

- It's possible that the American church is mentioned in Revelation, or at least referenced there. We seem to be (at best) a combination of Sardis and Laodicea, having chosen to incorporate all of the worst of their sins in our everyday lives.

- Sure, it may appear that the Obamalex is dragging this nation to a new depth of depravity, but the truth of the matter is that Mr. Soetoro is largely representative of the majority who elected him.

- Too many “christian” organizations/blogs/pulpits are manned by feminized little boys and belligerent women who believe they've “suffered (for Christ!)” when someone actually {gasp} disagrees with their point of view. I daresay that none of us reading these words even knows the true meaning of the word.

- We have a call to obedience to God, and to God alone. When we stop playing around with the things of this world and start living the way He has called us to live, we'll see suffering. Suffering for Christ's sake should be our GOAL, not something we seek to avoid through political action or attempts at isolation.

- God disciplines, trains, strengthens, and teaches those He loves through pain and suffering. Still want to live without it?

- “We should not pray so much for the removal of affliction, as for wisdom to make a right use of it.” Matthew Henry, Complete Commentary

I'd write more, but God is teaching me patience and perseverance through the ingenious use of a basement project and a move. Woo-Hoo!