Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Final Prediction: Who Will Win American Idol Season 8

Hey, it's only an hour till the show comes on...which means it's only 2 hours and 59 minutes until we find out who won this year. So I still have time to make my final prediction. We've come so far in the season that my scientific predicting methods allow me an even greater degree of precision and accuracy than I have heretofore achieved.

(BTW, this post is brought to you by Sudafed and Tylenol, who are working together like troopers to keep my head somewhat clear of a massive cold/virus/cow flu that is going around amongst our family and friends. Don't expect my usual brilliance, in other words, just drugged brilliance. Which might be better than the usual.)

This is one of those seasons of American Idol where I really don't care a whole lot who wins. Early on I thought it would be nice if one of the girls won...someone like Megan Corkrey or Jesse Langseth. I like both of their voices and their styles were different from the usual American Idol Shrieking Diva female style. Which is, of course, why neither of them made it very far at all. Well, that and Megan seemed to go a little loopy and took up acting like a bird.

I also thought maybe diversity was the goal this year, maybe a Latino or Asian or Indian boy or girl would win. I favored both Jorge Nunez and Anoop Desai on the basis of their personalities, although I really didn't like their preferred style of music. Then I thought maybe Alison Iraheta would win as our diverse candidate. I found her likeable and thought her voice was interesting, while at the same time I thought her parents should be smacked upside their heads for letting her sing slutty songs and wear some of the clothes she wore.

But I guess the producers at American Idol had a different idea about diversity this year. Maybe they thought this was the year for diversity in sexual orientation? And since the show is on Fox, you know they went about it in their usual Fox manner. They report, we know the drill. They obviously wanted us to be sure we knew what we were choosing, too. "If we're going to have a gay contestant we need to have one who really acts gay! Not one of these fellows who could just be a nerdy Baptist mama's boy from the South." So we got Adam...and his shrieks and screams...and his wardrobe...and his makeup...and his lighting...etc, etc...

Some bloggers are saying that Idol set up the finale to be "God vs. Gay" because both Danny Gokey (the chosen runner up?) and Kris Allen (the actual runner up...oops) are worship team musicians. Well, there again, that sounds like something Fox might just be capable of. Do people really vote for an American Idol based on things like this? Maybe they do. A lot of people were voting for Danny based on something...and I know I have bad hearing, but could he really have sounded that good to someone who could hear him better? Hmmph...

But, somehow Danny is gone! The annointed final match-up did not work out. Now we have Adam vs. Kris. Two guys who neither one could sing that awful song Kara wrote for them. (That does raise the question of who exactly she planned to have sing it.)

Okay, I've strung this out long enough with a bunch of babbling about something I really don't care much about. Last year I cared. David Cook is a musician and a talented singer and David Archuleta is a cute little boy with a decent-ish voice. There was an obvious difference in talent and the right person ended up winning.

This year, I think Adam and Kris are pretty much evenly matched. Adam has drama, style, personality, and vocal range. Kris has musicianship, musical understanding, a decent voice, and a more current style of singing. Either one will have a venue for music somewhere. If Adam wins it will cost 19 Entertainment a boatload more in props, wardrobe, backup singers, and makeup artists. If they make that investment and do it up right they could bring back "arena rock" and expose that genre to a new generation.

If Kris wins, 19 Entertainment will get an artist who can arrange songs (probably even the drecky ones they have written for him) and make an album that sounds current and contemporary and will be very popular with the young ladies.

Either way, 19E wins, and either way I don't really care. So, here's my prediction. If I get this posted in time you might even have time to get a call in to your bookie. The winner tonight will be:

Scroll down.

A white guy.


Rebecca said...

Since Adam has greenish-greyish skin, I assume you think Kris will win :P

I haven't been able to watch TV since we moved and have thus decided that I don't care. That and I would never buy any AI contestant's is never my style. I sometimes think it will be, but they all end up looking and sounding alike after they win.

James said...

What about Mandisa?

Beth said...

What, indeed, about Mandisa?

James said...

She's an AI contestant I would listen to. She guests on a song by tobyMac (a favorite artist of mine) and what little I've heard from her albums sound good. She just seems to be more genuine than the typical Idol contestant (even her voice sounds less fake/overdramatic). That's my 2 cents.

The aforementioned song can be heard(& seen) here:

Jim said...

It's been nearly a month now, and I've been checking in faithfully.

Did the white guy win?