Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kitchen Remodeling Plans

My family members have finally goaded me into writing another post. At least, I'm assuming that the "James" commenting on the previous post is a family member. We have a plethora of Jameses, Jims, and Jimmys in this family, which is why (if this is the one I think it is) I humbly suggested to his parents that they call him James rather than nicknaming him Jimmy or Jim. But I suppose it's hard to think of a little baby as "James". Natalie did suggest that perhaps it was her grandfather commenting, but that would indicate levels of Internet savviness that are just too improbable to be believed.

So, we have a kitchen project starting at our house soon. Way back in March I posted about our evil icemaker and its cabinet-ruining leakiness. Tom and I don't make decisions very quickly, and I can't think of a way to state that so that it isn't a vast understatement. We ponder, we research, we plan, we argue, we, I'm the only one fretting. At any rate, after much of this messing about, we made some decisions, placed some orders, and things will be getting underway here soon. Here's how the plans stand as of now:

June 20-21 Priming and Painting faux trim effect near ceiling in the kitchen half of the room.

June 22-26 Packing up everything from cabinets into boxes, arranging temporary "cooking" and eating area in living room. Shopping at Costco for massive quantities of frozen food and disposable tableware.

June 27th Removing current kitchen, and selling old cabinets, counters, and sink via Craigslist

June 29th Wall prep: sanding, spackling, more sanding. Assembling cabinets.

June 30th Priming walls and painting first coat of paint. Assembling cabinets.

July 1st Second coat of paint. Assembling cabinets.

July 2nd Installing lower cabinets, reconnecting plumbing for sink and icemaker.

July 3rd Installing upper cabinets.

July 4th Installing countertops, sink, and appliances.

July 6-7 Do whatever else I've forgotten! Tom has these days as work days on the plan, so I must be remembering the timing wrong on one of the steps. Or else he's allowing extra for problems, which would be a good idea.

We are not knocking down any walls, expanding the size of the room, replacing flooring, or putting in new appliances. We did the floors a couple of years ago, the appliances were all replaced 4-5 years ago, and the ceiling fan and light fixture were replaced just a month ago. We will have a new paint color, but only the pickiest connoisseurs of beige will be able to tell the difference from what's up there now.

The cabinets are from this place; we are using the Randolph Oak style. The countertop is Wilsonart's High Definition laminate in the "Bella Venito" colorway. (Colorway? Isn't that pretentious and special...) The sink is a nifty new single-bowl stainless job that we got for a very nice bargain price on Ebay; we're switching from a double-bowl to free up more counter space and to have room for washing big baking pans and such.

That sink change is really the scariest part of the whole project for me; I think I will adapt well to a single-bowl sink...but there are others who use this kitchen who like to accumulate whacking great piles of dirty dishes in the sink while they cook. This is frustrating with a double-bowl sink, but might be downright intolerable with only one bowl. I cannot fill a water glass or rinse a piece of fruit, just two examples, over a pile of filthy dishes. There has to be a zone of cleanliness or something vital will split apart in my psyche and Bad Things will happen.

I'm hoping that we'll be able to get some decent pictures of this whole mess while it's taking place. I may be able to post some updates as we go along. My job is mostly to keep Tom fed and figure out how to wash dishes in the bathtub, so maybe I will be able to post. Most likely you will see tragic Tweets over there to the right on the Twitterfeed. Should be loads of fun!!

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Maria Killam said...

HI Beth,
I love all those bright clean colours as well. I notice I'm especially drawn to them in the Spring and Summer.
Thanks for commenting on my blog!