Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Return of the Random

Just putting my hand in the blender again...

• It's customary in the Blogosphere to explain where you've been after you've taken a break. Take a breath and fasten your seat belts and we'll make this quick and painless: school/church/work/summer/reverse SAD/pain/insomnia/Daylight Saving Time/boredom/business/slow broadband/dropped connections/children/parents/legalism/socialism/patriotism/tea parties/iced tea/ennui/hyperactivity/malaise/swine flu/mass hysteria/mad hedgehogs.

• Today is the day we would normally be submitting our entries to the Dixie Classic Fair. This year Natalie and I decided to sit out the fair for a number of reasons...mostly related to lack of time to create our usual pile of entries.

• I've started planning out what to enter in the fair next year and I'm excited about trying out some new things. This year I'd like to crochet a shawl or scarf in laceweight yarn, knit something in the round (mittens? hat?), and cross-stitch a pillow.

• In the cooking categories I'd like to master a truly good pound cake. I still wouldn't stand a chance of winning yet, but I want to be ready as the older ladies retire from competition.

• My blog needs updating. I'm thinking about changing the background color and adding some headers to the side columns. I'll need to get my tech support/artist to help me with the headers because I want something to coordinate with the main title header.

• You may have noticed most of the blog links have gone away. I started to revise them and then realized my reading habits have changed to the point where a lot of them were no longer relevant. I'm thinking about doing a "blog of the week" link or something along those lines instead.

• Tom got a digital camera for his birthday, and I intend to learn how to use it and also learn how to upload and manipulate photos. IF this works out, expect to see more pictures around here.

• This was the year for technological birthday gifts. Tom gave me an iPod Touch for my birthday, and I'm having a blast learning how to utilize it best. I'm becoming obsessed with podcasts. I like having something interesting to listen to in the evening while I'm crafting.

• Do any of my readers (do I HAVE any readers left?) know where one can download books to listen to on an iPod? Our library has downloads, but they aren't in an mp3 format.

That's all I've got today. This is like going back to the gym after not working out for several months. If I write too much today all my writing muscles will be screaming tomorrow and I'll be tempted to quit. See y'all soon, I hope.


Natalie said...

That first paragraph totally has to be sung to oneself to get the proper feel...whether you intended it that way or not. Or chanted, perhaps, would be a better way to describe it.

Beth said...

What tune would you recommend?

amy said...

No clue on the iPod books. But it reminded me that during our Music Together class today, a mother actually said, "When I give him his iPod...," referring to her 2yo. Is this, um, normal? I mean, am I hopelessly out of it because my children (not even the 7yo!!) don't have iPods? I was sort of flabbergasted. She apparently loads the Music Together CDs onto his iPod.

Beth said...

It's not normal at my house. My 8yo has a little cassette player with headphones. He'd like an iPod, but he's not getting one just yet. :)

brlittle said...

Are you sure you can't play the books from the library? They seem to list ipod compatible books as an option, even those in wma format through overdrive.

Beth said...

They do list them as ipod compatible. They even have a Mac version of Overdrive; Tom downloaded and installed it last night and we got our hopes up. :) But there are only a very few books that will work on the Mac version.

It looks like most of the books are set up so that they can only be downloaded on the Windows version of the software and then transferred to an ipod. Perhaps the Mac version is very new and more books will be added. At any rate, it looks like a possibility and I'm going to try to find out more.

Rebecca said...

Hooray! You're alive!

And I do like the song idea, Natalie...maybe something to record over Thanksgiving :P

Natalie said...

Yes indeed, Rebecca!! Oh wow, I was just listening to those recordings we did... :P

abby said...

are you going to the fair even though you didn't enter anything? we did the fair yesterday.. cotton candy and funnel cake= stomach ache! wow i didn't really get a stommach but it rhymed so why not?:)