Monday, October 26, 2009


Let's do a meme this fine Monday morning afternoon while I try to wake up. We've been staying up late to watch the Yankees vs. the Angels in the ALCS. I was rooting for the Yankees for the sake of my father and a handful of my friends; Tom rooted for the Angels out of sympathy for the underdogs and sheer stubbornness. Now he will most likely root for the Phillies, but he will use the excuse that he always roots for the National League if the Cardinals are not playing. Unless the NL team playing is the Braves, of course.

Here's how this particular meme works: Do a Google search on your first name preceded by the word "unfortunately". See what sort of results you get, and share the interesting ones. Here are a few of the better ones that came up for me.

• Unfortunately, Beth is married...but that won't discourage Kevin...

Unfortunately, Beth had really just won a stay of execution.

Unfortunately, Beth kept her clothes on.

Unfortunately, Beth realizes she never appreciated her family enough after they are all killed in a car crash on their way to a Fourth of July picnic.

• Unfortunately, Beth still has the fever.

• Unfortunately, Beth maybe hearing from some ill-advised supporters looking to cash in on a election process.

• Unfortunately, Beth no longer wants Sarah to know that she is Bill.

• Unfortunately, Beth doesn't quite get the revenge she wants by the end of the book – though not for a lack of trying.

• Unfortunately, Beth had locked the door to our room and taken the key with her into the female shower cubicles.

• Unfortunately, Beth was a born klutz.

• Unfortunately, Beth has seen them, and she seems to be awakening.

• Unfortunately, Beth assumed my identity and went on my dream date instead.

I live quite the interesting little life, do I not?


Jim said...

Unfortunately, Jim's orange dry suit made him look like a carrot.

"That would be unfortunately," Jim said, capitalizing on what we had learned about leiderhosen.

Unfortunately, Jim, that didn't work.

Unfortunately Jim is no longer with us as he died of a brain tumor in 1993.

Unfortunately, Jim did not win in his catagory.

Unfortunately, Jim got lost in the jungle, and the first person to find him was drunken Eris Marquis.

Unfortunately, Jim was sent for training less then 2 weeks after their wedding.

Unfortunately Jim's not feeling that well and Mr Yakamoto hates him.

Unfortunately, Jim's sense of humor gets in the way sometimes, and we spent a lot of time laughing.

Unfortunately, Jim died in 1985.

Unfortunately Jim died in June 2003, aged 89.

Unfortunately, Jim`s kids witness the skirmish and are fearful Santa won`t leave them any gifts for Christmas.

Unfortunately, Jim is more and less than he seems.

Unfortunately, Jim got stuck.

Unfortunately, Jim will never drive a car, and his motor skills and sight are impaired for life.


Unfortunately, Jim is naive to the point of idiocy and not only can he not tell the difference between reality and fantasy, he also has little intuition on the way things work in the real world.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Unfortunately, Amanda's wild ways are just too much for the headmistress. (No Way!)

Unfortunately, Amanda is not Elizabeth and it all goes terribly wrong. (Oh to be the Cat.)

Unfortunately, Amanda's life isn't as glamorous as it used to be. (I missed the glamorous part.)


Unfortunately, Amanda passed away on October 11, 2003. (No one told me!)

Unfortunately, Amanda is disappointed when she chooses her first book at school and discovers that she knows only one word. (That is not true!)

Unfortunately, Amanda will read all your questions and choose five to answer in detail, each fortnight on a Friday. (What a fine way to spend an evening!)

Unfortunately, Amanda is just one of roughly 40 different victims of these kind of ambush tactics. (Bring it on!)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I meant to say, "This was kind of fun," and I didn't mean for it to post in the middle of my list... Oh well, blogger and html!