Thursday, December 31, 2009

What ho, 2010?

What should I do differently in 2010? I don't make formal New Year's resolutions, but a swirl of thoughts keep poking at me the last few days.

Digression: I am finding it incredibly difficult to get this post written. I put it off too late today and now the house is full of people TALKING. I just put on my headphones and fired up iTunes and am hoping a little John Cougar music will wipe out the background noise to the point where I can think to type.

Explanatory Digression: My 47 year old ears can't understand one word in five that John Cougar sings unless I crank it really loud...effectively making his music into white noise when played at a lower volume.

In 2010 I want to:

1. Once and for all solve the Killer Dishes issue. I'm tired of worrying about whether there is lead in the old transferware dinnerware we eat off of (and microwave in) daily. Either Tom is going to come up with a test that will reassure us both, or we are going to replace them with something we know is safe.

2. Understand what holiness is. I know it is being like Christ, but I want to really know what that means. Not what people mean when they say "holy" and hold up their list of rules that I have failed to adhere to . Not what the hymn Take Time To Be Holy seems to mean...although the author lists some things that might be components of holiness. The idea of "taking time to be holy" scritches at my nerves like the spray-painted graffiti that says "Try Jesus". Yeah, try Jesus...if that doesn't work, maybe some Lipitor? Take time to be holy, and then take some time to exercise.

3. Knit a pair of socks. Tom gave me teeny double-pointed needles for Christmas. I intend to buy some sock yarn, perhaps even tomorrow, and make some socks. Perhaps very bad socks. Perhaps the last socks I ever make. But I will try it and accomplish it, even if very badly.

4. Settle for myself the whole issue of being busy. This may be related to holiness because I find myself feeling guilty for not being busy enough. Or not being as busy as some people I know. I need to come to find out for myself whether I am right or if I am shirking my duty.

5. Read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I know I read this back in high school, and I know the basic plot. I realized not very long ago that I think of this book as "Dickens Light" or "American Dickens"...the one story of his everyone knows. It's part of our culture, Scrooge McDuck and all that. In the last few years I've come to appreciate all the Dickens novels I've read. I need to read A Christmas Carol and experience it through the lens of that appreciation.

After I publish this post I will, no doubt, think of several more things I could add to this list. But this will have to do for now. The garage door just opened. (Hitting "play" button on iTunes) Colin and Tom are back from fetching Chinese food for our festive New Year's Eve dinner. Tonight we will eat yummy food, work on a puzzle, watch a silly movie, play some games, and who knows what all else.

I'm looking forward to 2010...Happy New Year!!

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