Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I sailed away to China in a little rowboat to find ya...

How long has it been since Christmas? Today is the 12th, so about 19 days, maybe? My 2 year desk calendar ran out at the end of 2009...making a note on the to-do list to Order One From Amazon TODAY! No doubt this fancy computer has a calendar program on it somewhere, but it's not the same as actual paper and pictures of cats.

Since sometime around Christmas our family has been involved in a wee bit of Drama. It's all over now, everything is resolved, nobody got hurt, valuable lessons were learned, no need to stage any interventions or call out the National Guard. I'm not offering any specifics or particulars about the Drama; three or four of my readers will know what I'm talking about and it's only significant to this post because it establishes the context for the strange dream I had last night.

Digression One: Don't you hate it when bloggers talk about things they can't talk about? Especially with that certain secretive "I have a rilllly exciting life that you don't know about" tone? When someone says "I'm not going to share this part of the story because Relative B didn't want me to." that's understandable. We all at some time resort to saying something like "Life is hectic, but it's unbloggable, so let's talk about baseball." Some bloggers, though, make a big deal about how much Mysterious Other Life they have that isn't featured in their blogs.

Look, if I read your blog I'm going to assume you're not telling me everything about your life. No one should blog without filtering, and if you happen to be the one person who does I'm not reading your blog anyway. So, having said all that, I'm blogging about what I can't blog about.

Digression Two: The Drama was a really, really small drama. Infinitesimal. It probably wouldn't be a Drama at your house. But remember we are the Roths: introverted, homebodies, homeschoolers, dorks. "All me life flashed before me eyes. It was really borin'!"

Last night I spent the evening relaxing, knitting on my everlasting stash-busting afghan and listening to podcasts. Podcasts about knitting. Podcasters who discuss knitting, yarn, spinning, Ravelry, more knitting, what to knit next, which yarn is best for which project, etc.

Then I went to bed and slept soundly and dreamed. I dreamed that The Drama had been restaged as a knitting argument. The two characters involved were knitting the same sweater. It was some sweater that was very popular on Ravelry right now. (Therefore guaranteeing that I would not remember its name when I woke up! I will call it The Sweater.) There were whole Ravelry forums devoted to The Sweater; there were Ravelympic teams forming to knit The Sweater together as a Ravelympics challenge.

But the characters in The Drama could not agree on the best type of yarn for The Sweater. One of the characters believed that a commercially-produced, carefully quality-controlled yarn would give the best results. This character wanted a yarn that had high positive reviews on Ravelry, something that was proven to be long-wearing and easy to knit with. The other character wanted to use handspun yarn and was planning to learn to spin in order to make the yarn for the sweater.

For some reason the characters could not go their own ways and use different yarns. This had something to do with the Ravelympic team they were joining, as I remember...this part was a little fuzzy. I believe they were allowed to use different colors, but not different yarns, so they had to come to some agreement about the yarn before joining the team.

The dream dragged on and on forever and was thoroughly tedious. I like listening to podcasts where knitters and spinners discuss the qualities of different yarns, but this was one of those dreams where you feel like you're stuck....you try to wake up but it doesn't seem possible. There were all these little samples of commercial yarn in various colors and all these batts of unspun wool in various colors and all this arguing. Somehow my mind was going along with the premise of the dream that The Sweater was worth arguing over, but it was just crazy-making.

Finally I woke up and realized what I had actually been dreaming about. And was relieved, yet again, that it was Not An Issue either in the form of the original "drama" or in the form of...yarn and sweaters.

Now, aren't you glad you wasted the time it took to read all that? Have a great day...American Idol starts tonight and I am not watching it. So there.


Natalie said...

A. We hate drama, which probably makes it all the worse in the rare instances that it happens.

B. I find it extremely amusing (and accurate!) how your brain rewrote this. :D

Strange dreams are almost more amusing when you can actually figure out what triggered them.

"Ain't nothing gonna break my stride...nobody gonna slow me down, oh no..." (Matthew Wilder, '83, BTW)

gray la gran said...

how terrific! i think i'd rather have a knitting dream, even if there is a tinge of stress, than some of the whoppers i've had lately. but, i am taking an ambien cr tonight, so i am hoping the stress dreams stay away.

just noticed you live in w-s. i lived there years ago. i'm in raleigh now though.

happy knitting (on your joann yarn). ps. my last shawl was knitting with joann yarn, their bamboo&ewe sock yarn.