Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why I Bought Cheap Yarn

Okay, I made some progress today. And what is WITH the sudden burst of posts on this blog, anyway? Don't get your hopes up for it continuing is all I've got to say...

Believe it or not, I purchased yarn today from Joann Fabrics. Apparently it is possible to order from their website if one uses Natalie's computer...or if Natalie uses Natalie's computer, at any rate.

My computer is an Apple iMac. I use the latest version of Firefox and use Leopard as the operating system. Natalie's computer is an Apple Macbook. She uses the latest version of Firefox with Leopard as the operating system. There is no sensible reason why Joann Fabrics' website should be cooperative with her and not with me. But that's how it is. Natalie placed the order with no problems; we both have yarn on the way. We think.

This is the project I bought the yarn for. (Yes! I took a picture! After much fiddling about, I uploaded it...Natalie fixed iPhoto for me...are you noticing a theme?)

This stripey blob of yarny stuff is the scrap afghan I am knitting. A while back I rounded up all the balls and partial balls of medium and dark colored acrylic yarn that was piled up in bags around the house. Some of these are leftovers from other projects, some were bought and then not used, some were donated to my "cause" by Natalie, some she found for me at Goodwill.

The plan was to knit in garter stitch stripes until the yarn ran out, making either an afghan or perhaps a small cat blanket depending on how long the yarn lasted.

Somewhere along the way the plan got expanded a bit. One of the yarns Natalie gave me was some Lion Brand Homespun, which has a reputation of being fuzzy and hard to work with. But it added a textured effect and wasn't too hard to work with, probably because I was only knitting one row of it at a time and it was always being worked onto a firmer yarn.

I liked the effect so much I bought a couple more skeins of Homespun in different colors, and also picked up a couple of skeins of plain acrylic worsted in some other coordinating colors. Then Colin gave me some more Homespun for Christmas, and that made me think of a couple of other colors I'd like to add to it. Which led to yesterday's failed and today's apparently successful attempt to order some more yarn on sale from Joann Fabrics.

Right now the afghan is about 16 inches long and somewhere between 40 and 50 inches wide. I weighed it on my little kitchen scale...subtracting a roughly estimated amount for the big circular needle it is attached to. Then I weighed all the little and not-so-little balls of yarn, figured the number of grams per inch of the knitted object, the total grams of yarn available, and calculated how many more inches the blanket could grow before running out of yarn.

123. 123+16=139. Yes, there is enough yarn to make this thing 139 inches long (that's roughly 353 centimeters). Wow.

For anyone wondering...yes, that figure is BEFORE I ordered six more skeins of yarn today. Uh oh...


June Gardens said...

You can have my yarn, seeing as I knitted with it for approximately 17 seconds before I gave it up.

But that is not why I popped over here. I popped over to tell you you are my comment of the week on my blog.

I know, right? Exciting! Or, you know, not.

June at Bye Bye, Pie

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Last night I started a blog without even knowing what I was doing and I kind of started getting into it. I might be able to do one...but before I get off the subject of YOUR blog, do you also crochet? I crochet but rarely finish a project except this last xmas when I crocheted a scarf for my daughter. I was so proud of myself! need to write down your blog name.