Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's Alive...and riddled with bullet points!

I guess I took a wee break from blogging, eh? Let's dive back in...here's a few things bouncing around in my head:

• Summer is almost over, and I am very happy about that! I'm ready for cool breezes, dry air, red leaves, and a new year of school.

• Yep, even the school part sounds good. Colin and I did summer school this year, as usual, and he made some leaps of progress in a couple of areas he had been struggling with. I'm looking forward to seeing how he likes his 3rd grade work.

• We left our church this summer. I won't go into details about that on the blog, but if anyone really cares about the details I do answer emails.

• Totally unexpected result of leaving: I suddenly feel very free to blog. I think of myself as the sort of person who speaks her mind no matter what people think, but apparently I'm not really that brave.

• Today I started a "Bon Jovi" station on my Pandora. The music of my youth makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...yeah, even the occasional AC/DC song.

• No matter what sort of artists or songs I use to start a Pandora station, they always try to add Daughtry to it. Do they get his music for cheap or is he really that versatile?

• This is an excellent post from the Practical Theology For Women blog about what the term "helper" means in the Bible and how it applies to all women in every stage of life.

• For supper tonight we are having BLTs. Tom cooks the bacon on the grill to avoid smelling up the house. Bacon, ripe tomatoes, crunchy lettuce, lots of mayo...all on lightly-toasted homemade white bread...drool. Probably my favorite summer supper.

• Oh yeah, I also made a pitcher of iced tea to go with the sandwiches...can't have BLTs without iced tea. Proper Yankee iced tea with no sugar in it, the way God intended tea to be. :)

• My current knitting project is making watch caps for Army troops stationed over in the "sand box". This came about because of a podcast I listen to. The podcaster's husband is currently deployed and told her that he and his fellow-soldiers could use warm knitted caps to wear while they sleep this winter.

• I've never felt motivated to do a "knit for the troops" type project before, but I feel like I've sort of come to know this podcaster and her husband and that makes the project more meaningful. It also doesn't hurt that hats are fast and fun to knit.

• Once again, Natalie and I are taking a year off from entering things in the Dixie Classic Fair. Natalie is busy with a somewhat unpredictable work schedule right now, and I lack the motivation to bake a bunch of stuff that we don't normally eat.

• For instance, in order to win in the cake categories I have to make my cakes with cake flour, shortening, and tons of icing. Our preference for cakes to eat, though, leans more toward heavier, moister cakes made with real butter and much less icing.

• Does it really mean anything if I win a ribbon for something that I'm not happy about making? I don't think so.

• Yikes, Blogger apparently didn't like that last bullet point...it suddenly threw up a red bar telling me that Autosave had failed. Then when I tried to save manually it acted like it wasn't going to work. Quit threatening me, Google People!

• I could go on a rant right now about blogging, and SEOs, and blogging conferences, and what I think blogging really is. But...eh...who really cares, right?

• Colin's kitten, Paisley, (maybe I should post about her sometime?) is trying to sleep on my shoulders while I type. Since she's not so much a teensy kitten anymore and is more of a 7-pound Catten, this is not working as well as one might hope.

• Natalie turns 21 this weekend, which seems almost impossible. How could she be that old? (How could I be that old?)

Okay, enough for now. More to come next time the muse strikes.