Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Things I Like

On a Tuesday afternoon...a random list of some things I like:

• Being well and also having the rest of the family well. Colin and I got colds on January 20th, and it all just went downhill from there until all four of us had worked our way through bronchitis, consumption, typhoid, and plague. (hack!) 6 weeks later I think we are about back to normal.

• Snow! Our part of NC got more than the usual amount of snow this winter, and there was very great rejoicing at our house.

• Having the option of not interacting with/driving in snow. I do realize one reason I can be so cheery about snow is that I very seldom have to leave home.

• Spring! Now that the snow is over with and gone I am very much liking the sunshine and 60-something temps this week.

• Tea. I've been swilling gallons of the stuff this winter. It may not make me healthier, but it's keeping me warm. My favorites: Twinings Ceylon Orange Pekoe and Lipton White Tea with Island Mango and Peach Flavor.

• My fuzzy plush electric throw blanket. Tom and I gave our moms electric throws for Christmas, and he sneaked out and got me one for Christmas as well. (Because underneath the glamorous exterior I am really a senior citizen.) (And maybe because he got tired of hearing me whine about being cold in the evenings.)

• Podcasts. Listening to podcasts is like having my own little talk radio station where the shows are all about things I'm interested in.

• Watching the Winter Olympics. Although we did cut back too much on our sleep while they were on.

• Knitting in general. I'm becoming one of those crazy knitting people because of the soothing effect of the repetitive motion combined with the narcotic effect of pretty wool. I haven't done any cross-stitching in weeks...very bad.

• Knitting socks in particular. I started a pair of socks while I was sick and actually finished them long before I got well. Somehow the state of illness overcame my nerves and jitters about knitting something so complicated. I just waded in (with the help of lots of videos and my in-house knitting therapist) and somehow magically a couple of balls of wool became socks. Totally addicting.

• Taking pictures of knitted socks. (Well, okay, I haven't got to the point where I really really LIKE taking pictures. I just needed some way for this to be part of the list and theme, instead of just bunging a picture in at the end and saying "Look! I made socks!")

• Look! I made socks!! (My socks, Natalie's feet and legs doing the modeling...)